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Keep Your Summer Sizzlin'

With these Hot Marketing Tips!

Host a BBQ

A BBQ is a great way to get people to come and spend some time at your store, office, or business. If you organize activities for their kids, people will be inclined to stay longer. You can even partner up with non-competing businesses close to you to offset some of the costs and draw in more people. BBQ’s are excellent ways to build positive brand exposure among your existing and potentially new clientele. Plus, who doesn’t love a good ol’ BBQ on a hot summer day?!

Take the Heat off the Street!

During exceptionally hot days, you can give away frozen treats and small fans to customers entering your place of business or even people walking by on the sidewalk. This kind gesture will not only be much appreciated, but it will boost your brand equity and potentially garner you some new clients. If you have A/C, you can place a sign out front that offers a chance to cool down no strings attached. Once they’re in the store, they will usually look around and potentially buy something.

Create Unique Promotions for Holidays

Take advantage of local and national holidays! Canada is celebrating 152 years, so why not create an in-house draw to win up to $152 in store credit? In addition to the actual statutory holidays, there are hundreds of silly, little, unofficial “holidays”. For example, June 7th is National Doughnut Day, while June 21st is Take your Dog to Work Day, and June 26th is Chocolate Pudding Day.

Consider collaborating with a local store and give out doughnuts, hotdogs, and pudding cups to customers and passersby on those designated dates. Fun, quirky promotions like this can go a long way to help small businesses favourably raise their profile.


Run Your Own Mini-Event or Workshop

As many of you already know, The ProBiz Centre has the perfect meeting room to suit your every plan whether your gathering is limited to a few fortunate attendees engaged in one-on-one training or open to everyone interested in a much more-the-merrier style of instruction. Our knowledgeable staff members would be happy to answer all your questions.

Just because some people are out of town on your preferred date doesn’t mean everyone is gone, and the ones still at home are probably only too thrilled to enjoy some adult interaction after a whole day of constant “kid”.

Attend Local Events

Local events are great places to network and introduce your company to new customers. You can walk around talking to people, offering them a cold, refreshing treat like a Popsicle, for instance. Wear branded merchandise, so people know exactly who you are. Carry a small fan or spray bottle to cool willing people down during the hotter days. You could even give out stickers, pencils, or little toys, preferably branded, to the kids.  Make sure you have plenty of business cards to hand out!

Another “must have” for any networking opportunity is an effective elevator speech ready to answer the inevitable question, “So what do you do?”, in a way that will inspire all those potential clients you’ll meet to ask for further information. Don’t let the hazy days of summer make you lazy!

Follow up! Follow up! Follow up!

Some examples of local events coming up:

·      Cultural Campfire at the MultiCultural Heritage Center - June 13

·      Tri-a-Taste Regional Food Fair - June 15

·      Summer Sessions - Free Outdoor Concert - June 19

·      Evening in the Orchard - June 27

·      Canada Day in Spruce Grove - July 1


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