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Dawn Jenkins - doTerra Essential Oils Platinum Leader

In 2014 when we started up My Oils we never dreamed that our journey would take us to where we are today.  We are so blessed to be able to companion with others who are wanting to live life well.

 When we started we were just looking to bring a little extra income into our home. We have 3 amazing children who are not so little anymore- Christian who is 24, Emily who is 19, and Jacob who is 17. Plus, we are crazy Chihuahua lovers – yes we are “those people” with two little Chihuahua's with us everywhere we go!

Our journey in the wellness industry has been nothing short of amazing.  We have the opportunity and privilege to share natural health solutions with people all around the world, changing lives and impacting people in a positive way.  Never in a million years did we think that a single drop of essential oil could have changed the trajectory of our lives.

Today we lead an amazing team of people who are passionate about bringing 

natural wellness into the world, one drop of essential oil at a time. 

Our mission is to serve others, love big and model for others what it means to live life well!

Lots of Love,

Dawn & Tim Jenkins

Event Rentals in Edmonton