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Geeksterz Financial Services

Offering bookkeeping and income tax services, personal tax prep, life insurance and investments. "Virtual" services are available throughout Alberta.

We offer a wide range of services to our clients.  This covers both personal and business needs.  Do you need a bookkeeper?  That's where we specialize!  Maybe you just need someone to set you up on Quickbooks and give you great pricing?  We can do that too and we can advise if you have any questions or concerns!  To top it all off we have package pricing so you won't get a bill with a bunch of extra charges.  You won't get charged every time you send an email or ask a question.  We also prepare personal and small business taxes as part of your package, or as a one time option.

We also take a holistic approach to financial planning.  We can look at your finances and show you how you can save money to invest.  We don't want to take money from your pocket or you wouldn't want to call us.  Let us look at how we can free the money up from taxes or bills, then we can get you on the right track for a bright financial future!

Call 780.983.4020 OR Book Online: https://www.geeksterz.ca/

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Event Rentals in Edmonton