Patricia Dalgleish - Finding Your Fabulous



• I guide my clients to walk through their own spiritual journey. Our bodies share a story, as a Psychosomatic Therapy Practitioner I take them through a Face Reading, Body-Analysis and trigger point Release. Each individual has their own journey, my part in the process is to guide them to be on a path of Self-Mastery.

As individuals each body presents a story, my focus is to share what I see in their body. The body never lies, it holds trapped energy. There is generally unresolved emotional issues that stay in cellular memory and presents itself in physical ways.

•I also use Young Living Essential Oils to aid in the continual emotional support. I use references to guide what is needed to best suit each individuals path. Our limbic system is part of the brain and is the center of our emotions.

The sense of smell attaches a emotional memory, such as fresh baked cookies your grandma use to make. Emotional releases that are stored in the body and therapeutic essential oils aid in the emotional release patterns.

•Psychosomatic Therapy is regulated through the Australian Government, It is a process that will give you the tools to get through the really emotional days. Allow yourself to see the lesson or lessons that your path has taught you.

•I host monthly sharing evenings and 2 day workshops that allows healing when stories are shared, also learning the basic of Psychosomatic Process. Check out my website for details.

Let's learn to find enjoyment in the everyday.