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Debbie Bridge - The Work with Debbie

The Work of Byron Katie with Debbie Bridge, Trained Facilitator of The Work

Do you want to feel more alive, happy, clear? Do you long to be rested inside and at peace with all of you? Do you desire deeper connection with those you love?

The Work of Byron Katie is one of the best ways that I know of to ease suffering. It's a simple method of self inquiry that even children can learn.  

In 2014, Debbie attended the School for Work of Byron Katie and everything in her world shifted as a result. She has since attended several workshops, classes, training seminars, retreats, and a yearlong immersion program with Innerland Institute. 

Over the past two years she has discovered over and over that The Work is one of the best and most efficient ways to ease suffering. The Work is a simple method of self-inquiry that even children can learn. 

In her personal practice, Debbie has come to see how The Work is impacting her relationship with her children.  She’s becoming more present and able to connect in a calm and peaceful way. 

For more info: The Work with Debbie

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