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Theresa de Rox - The Artful Way (Of Living a Meaningful Life)

In The Artful Way, we create a space for awakening body, mind, and heart. We offer opportunities to restore aliveness and wellness, to bridge and balance the whole self through Creative Expression - Expressive Arts activities and exercises.

This is what I’d love you to know about me...

I love to dance in the rain, sing to the moon, laugh out loud and play in the mud. I get messy with paints, use colours and shapes and patterns and textures to beautify my personal space and enhance the space of others; I love Mother Earth, her variety, complexity, her unique characteristics, her generosity; I love for people to know themselves, completely, openly, honestly, just how precious they really are.

I believe that art - in the widest version of itself - is a tool for creating and living a meaningful life. This is why I have devoted my life to facilitating creative expression, empowering others to utilize their own creative gifts for self expression, for personal growth and for healing.

My name is Theresa de Rox, REACE, BD, MA, Expressive Arts Consultant/Educator registered with IEATA (International Expressive Arts Therapy Association) since 2016. I have been an Educator for over 30 years, teaching and facilitating both in the public and private sectors in the US and also in Canada. BD, Bachelor of Divinity, MEd, Masters of Education.

Visit my website: www.theartfulway.co

Contact me: hello@theartfulway.co

FB, IG, Twitter: @theartfulway

Event Rentals in Edmonton