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Paul Cheung - Dream Builders Group Ltd

Paul has extensive experience in research, marketing, community engagement, projects initiation, organization development and operational management.

Paul's childhood dream came true 13 years ago. He became a DJ and news producer and announcer at a radio broadcasting company in 2001. Then he moved on to television program production in 2008.

His passion in media production laid the path to the launch of HanTVchannel on YouTube in 2014 to illustrate and promote the mosaic of Alberta culture and lifestyle through web video platform to not only Canadians but also people around the world.

"HAN TV specializes in capturing moments that celebrate Alberta’s unique culture and lifestyle."

— Paul Cheung, Owner HAN TV

Han TV
P.O. Box 83098
RPO Webber Greens
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T5T 6S1

ph: 780.909.2928
email: engage@hantv.ca

Event Rentals in Edmonton

Lori Feist - LFeist Consulting

CEO, Business Development Consultant - CALL US AT (780) 887-7992!

Lori is a business development consultant with a flair for social media.  She knows the value of a strong network and loves to teach others how to generate leads and nurture contacts to build a network.

She has experience working in the recruitment industry as well as the oil and gas industry. She has owned a few small businesses over the last 25 years.

LFeist Consulting is dedicated to helping your business succeed.

We help you focus on:

  • building relationships with your clients to foster growth through marketing and networking

  • creating a strong foundation of administrative systems and processes to meet your operational needs

  • developing a strategic plan, in order to allow you to hire and develop a dedicated team of staff to provide excellent customer service

Our advantage is our network and our experience.  We have had success in many different industries. We understand all aspects of starting and running a successful business, managing a strong team, and minimizing risk.

We help you better understand your business so you are able to make educated business decisions.

We pride ourselves on our ability to connect business owners with each other, in order to strengthen the local community.  We are based in Edmonton, Alberta; however, we work with businesses in the US and Canada.

During our business analysis meetings, we review your company goals and key strategies to help you better manage your business.  We will provide recommendations and contacts to allow you to take that next action step, to get results.


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Corinne White - Advantage Health & Safety


All of your health and safety requirements. Meet legislative and COR. Incident Investigation. Set up an maintain H@S system

Call (780) 668-4448


Currently I am a COR Auditor for both ACSA and AMSA.

As a safety consultant I work with a wide array of clients in different industries and help to maintain strong safety programs as well as helping them to obtain their COR.

I do incident investigations, site audits, inspections, work with their employees in performing hazard assessments and safe work practices and procedures. I run safety meetings as well as safety committee meetings.

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Loralee Johnson - Realtor Agent with Re/Max


Working hard to take care of all your real estate needs in all of Edmonton and the greater YEG area.

Contact me for a complimentary market evaluation for your home.

#4, 16 Nelson Drive   
Spruce Grove,  Alberta  T7X 3X3 

 Mobile: (780) 932-7678

 Phone: (780) 962-8580

 Fax: (780) 962-8998


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Laura Hill - Monat by Laura

“I get PAID to wash my hair!”

Helping people love their hair again with an amazing anti-aging hair care product. Monat hair care products have the power to not only change your hair but also give you the confidence to change your life.

Monat hair care products have the power to not only change your hair but also give you the confidence to change your life. I am the kind of person who has a hard time spending money so it took me a while to decide to give Monat a try.

As I watched my sister’s experience it though, I knew I needed to give it a try. They had such positive things to say about the changes they were seeing with their hair and I wanted help with mine.

One of the sayings in Monat is "Love your hair again". That's what I wanted.

Monat helps with manageability, regrowth, smoothing, strengthening and more. Using Monat has also helped to increase my confidence in myself and given me the desire to try harder to look nice, which I had often given up on.

If you are interested in finding out how Monat can help you let me know. I would be happy to help.



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Justin Harwood - Volo Works

About Volo

Volo conveniently connects local service seekers with trustworthy service providers in the community to complete large and small jobs, allowing service seekers to do more with their saved time and money!

“We are levelling the playing field in the advertising world and making effective advertising accessible to everyone.” ~Justin

How can we help you?

Questions, Comments, and Feedback are welcome! We usually respond to emails within 48 hours.

Get support by phone or email.

  • Phone: 1.877.297.VOLO

  • Monday - Friday

  • 8am - 4 pm PST

  • 11 am - 7 pm EST

  • Email: info@volo.works

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Jenni Sustrate - Sustrate Strategies

Are you looking to protect your family in case something unforeseen should happen? Whether there's an injury, illness or unforeseen death I can help.

“My goal is to alleviate that stress and provide proper planning.

“My goal is ultimately to make sure your family will be ok in every situation that could happen.” ~Jenni

If you are interested in any of my services, please book an initial meeting here where we can discuss your insurance and financial needs and make a path forward. 

This consultation appointment is free and over the phone. I will contact you at the appointment time so please ensure the phone number you use is the best number to reach you!

CONTACT ME: (780) 288-5477

EMAIL: js@sustratestrategies.ca

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Kelly Shirtliff - The Loft Hair Studio

“Friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I’m so pleased I found The Loft. Andrea did an amazing job correcting a bad colour that was done at a different salon, and brought the shine back to my very damaged hair. I had to lose a lot of length due to the damage, but she did exactly what we agreed during the consultation. I’ve ended up with a style and colour that I LOVE. The Loft will be my regular hair salon now, and I highly recommend them.” -A


4410- 48 street

Stony Plain, Alberta


Call (780) 968-1077


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Faber Inc

At Faber, we understand the stress financial difficulties create. When ignored, financial stress may affect your health, job, relationships, children and overall well being.

We also understand that there are a number of different reasons individuals experience financial stress at some point during their lifetime. Illness, job loss, injury, relationship problems, income tax debt, credit card debt, limited retirement income, business failure and high interest rate loans are only a few of the unfortunate circumstances that contribute to financial stress.

When you schedule your free initial consultation with Faber, you will meet in person with one of our federally licenced Trustees in Bankruptcy. Faber Trustees have the education, knowledge and experience to fully understand your unique financial situation and we will take the time during the initial consultation to review with you in detail all of the debt restructuring options available to resolve your financial difficulties and eliminate your financial stress.

For more information, please call: +1 877-944-1177

Or email at: bankruptcy@faberinc.ca


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Lynn & Leanne - L&L Writing and Wellness Practitioners

Windsong Writing & Wellness (Lynn Gale) and LMC Writes (Leanne Myggland-Carter) have teamed up to form L&L Writing and Wellness Practitioners.

Leanne is a published writer and poet and a wellness advocate. I am a published writer, registered yoga teacher and wellness advocate.

We plan to offer seasonal Women's Spa Days - a day of meditation, yoga, writing, journaling and fellowship.

It is our intention to hold space for you and guide you through a relaxing and rejuvenating day designed with you in mind.

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Karla Weiss - Radically Transformed Coaching

Is your Brain Healthy?


When was the last time you felt you were actually listened to? Made to feel important? Valued? Able to open your heart and get to the root of the issues?

Radically Transformed Coaching knows that a holistic and Integrative approach is the key to lasting change with your health and lifestyle challenges. You will receive an overall health assessment which will shape into a personalized program specific to the areas you want to improve. Recommendations will be given for you to work on and your success begins with you.

Karla Weiss 

RN, Holistic Health Coach

Radically Transformed Coaching





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Chris Hartley - Neon Window Cleaning

Located in Spruce Grove Alberta, Neon Window Cleaning provides window and gutter cleaning services for the inside or outside of your home or business.

Residential window cleaning

Duration varies • Price varies

All of your glass surfaces will be hand scrubbed & washed, frames will be cleaned and your window edges will be detailed. We will also do all of your window screens and track cleaning! (When accessible). All of which will be included in your original price!

Business Window Cleaning

Duration varies • Price varies

All of your business windows will be hand washed, frames and window ledges will be cleaned, all organic matter will be removed. We also provide sticker and window cover removal services!

Gutter Cleaning

45 minutes • Price varies

Dirt and organic material will be removed and down spouts cleaned and checked for proper drainage, before and after photos will be provided. By keeping water away from your exterior envelope you prevent costly repairs like leaking roofs, basements and other moister related problems.

CONTACT: Phone 587-336-9779
EMAIL: Neonwindowcleaning@telus.net
WEBSITE: www.neonwindowcleaning.com

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Dawn Jenkins - doTerra Essential Oils Platinum Leader

In 2014 when we started up My Oils we never dreamed that our journey would take us to where we are today.  We are so blessed to be able to companion with others who are wanting to live life well.

 When we started we were just looking to bring a little extra income into our home. We have 3 amazing children who are not so little anymore- Christian who is 24, Emily who is 19, and Jacob who is 17. Plus, we are crazy Chihuahua lovers – yes we are “those people” with two little Chihuahua's with us everywhere we go!

Our journey in the wellness industry has been nothing short of amazing.  We have the opportunity and privilege to share natural health solutions with people all around the world, changing lives and impacting people in a positive way.  Never in a million years did we think that a single drop of essential oil could have changed the trajectory of our lives.

Today we lead an amazing team of people who are passionate about bringing 

natural wellness into the world, one drop of essential oil at a time. 

Our mission is to serve others, love big and model for others what it means to live life well!

Lots of Love,

Dawn & Tim Jenkins

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Ken Lucyk - Alberta Mobile Marketing & Deal Locally

Gain more customers, more local visibility and profitability! 

We can create a comprehensive LOCAL, SOCIAL MEDIA, FACEBOOK ADVERTISING program for you.
Done For You Services or we can provide consulting services for those with an internal marketing team.
Attract more leads, clients and build your personal & business brand. 

Who Am I? 

Someone who used computers and business skills to increase one company’s business by 400% in 3 years.
The person who built Tony’s Pizza Palace’s Mobile Website, and by including some SEO, put them on the 1st page of Google.

I ran a Private Vocational College that taught students how to use computers in the 90’s. We also trained people from Ford Motor Company, Ford Motor Credit, Province of Alberta, Noma Corporation, Chris Page and Associates Ltd, Edmonton Eskimo’s Wives, and many more to use their newly acquired computer skills proficiently.

A person who believes in community, I champion Locally Owned Businesses, and have served my community as a Lions Club member, President of 3 Lions Clubs and 3 times Deputy District Governor.

You need something that works today!

Today’s electronic marketplace is changing and keeping up with technology, along with running a business can be a daunting challenge. Put your trust in someone that is ahead of the game.

We specialize in:
Reputation Management • Getting You 5 Star Reviews 
Facebook Advertising • Getting Your Message To Your Target Market
Mobile Marketing • The Internet Has Gone Mobile – So Should You
Proximity Marketing • The Latest Thing In Marketing 
Video Marketing • Attracts People & Gains Their Interest
Website Development • Your Site Isn’t Mobile Friendly • It’s Out Of Date • You Just Need A Website

Contact Me: Ken@dealLocally.com 587-988-3325 Ken@AlbertaMobileMarketing.com 

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Jen McBurney - Queendom Cleaning

Formerly an environmental scientist, Jen made the transition out of her professional career to follow her passion in home based service.

This passion grew over the years as Jen gained a positive reputation in home care and pet sitting and built a small referral based client list. In an effort to find more freedom for creativity and ideas in the workplace, Jen opened Queendom Cleaning so she could offer the best of these ideas to clients in the tri-municipal area.

Changing the service industry and fostering positive relationships between staff and clients is what drives Queendom Cleaning forward. Now, 6 staff members serve over 80 routine clients each month.

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT JEN AND QUEENDOM CLEANING HERE: https://www.facebook.com/QueendomCleaning/

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Karen Potts - Healthy Vibrant You

Empowering people to BE healthy, vibrant & healthy from the inside out!

Over the last 25 years I have been blessed to have been able to teach, coach, tutor, as well as create and deliver a variety of workshops in the areas of health, wellness and education .

I continue to be passionate about supporting youth as well as adults as they create happy, healthy and vibrant lives! Life coaching in the areas of health, wellness and education is something that I have embraced to support myself and others in becoming more self aware in an effort to push through limitations and reach goals.  

We are meant to grow, experience joy and follow our dreams! Find out more on my website:


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Sankofa Counselling Services

Sankofa is of Ghanian origin. One symbol often used to represent Sankofa is the image of a bird with its head turned backward taking an egg off of its back. This image symbolizes one taking knowledge from the past in order to make healthy decisions in the future. 

It is said that the Sankofa bird can only move forward while it is looking back. This is also true of our healing journey, where in order for healing to occur we need to recapture our past so that we may create our future. It is through this process that we are able to let go of the unhealthy aspects of our past and move forward with strength to a place of healing.

Suzanne Kassian, BA Psychology, LCSW, RSW

Suzanne is a registered Clinical Social Worker and has been working and volunteering in the mental health field since 1999 and in Corrections since 1995. She received her Bachelor of Arts with a specialization in Psychology from the University of Alberta, Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Calgary and Masters in Clinical Social Work at Yeshiva University in New York.  

For more than 10 years she has been providing support to youth, adults and couples as they work through difficult issues such as grief and loss, managing difficult emotions and conflicted relationships.

Suzanne is trained in the following therapeutic techniques:

  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) - Advanced training

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

  • Trauma Informed Practice

  • Fundamentals of Bereavement (Levels I & II)

  • Spousal Assault Risk Assessment (SARA)

  • Short Term Assessment of Risk & Treatability for Youth (START)

  • Psychopathy Checklist Revised (PCL-R) (Level I)

For more information, please call Sankofa Counselling at: 780.233.6603

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Isaiah Gionet - Go Beyond Creative

GoBeyond Creative was formed to provide accessible creative communication and marketing solutions to the business entrepreneur. Our focus enables us to assess the needs of our clients and provide marketing solutions that reflect our clients' operating philosophies, messages, and styles.

Our dedication to client service and one-on-one consultation gives GoBeyond Creative the edge in producing superior communication materials. We are different because we believe in building partnerships with our clients, guiding them through the creative process and delivering end results that go beyond expectations.

Isaiah Gionet

T: 780.278.4111

E: isaiah@wegobeyond.ca


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