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Goal Setting - Be the Exception

  • ProBiz Centre 95 McLeod Ave Spruce Grove, AB Canada (map)





Learn from some of today’s TOP MARKETERS! This is a self-directed program, so come with your laptop, device, pen and paper and a willingness to make the magic happen for your business!

3 Steps To Achieving Your Goals

As Darren sat down with people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Jillian Micheals, he noticed something. Many of these achievers shared similar traits! In Darren’s book, Living Your Best Year Ever, he says there are two common traits of super achievers:

1: An UNYIELDING commitment to constant learning. and…

2: Clearly written goals that have specific plans laid out to achieve them.

Follow these steps to make the most of your goals this year.

Plan to FAIL, A lot

One side of the pendulum is wealth, health, and happiness aka success.The other end of the pendulum is sadness, frustration, and failure. If you stand still, you won’t experience any success. Most people get STUCK here!

They don’t want to sway the pendulum too far one way or the other. They keep calling the same number of people. They use the same process to manage ISA’s. They keep using the same listing presentation, over and over again. Maybe they change a few things, but most of it remains in the safety of the comfort zone.

Darren Leveraged Failure in HIS Real Estate Business to SUCCEED

You might be thinking… wait, what?? You want us to fail? Darren Hardy did! Watch this video and bring a notepad. You’re going to want to take notes. Darren targeted two areas in real estate where there is PLENTY of pain, sadness and disappointment to be had.

  1. Expired listings

  2. For sale by owners, you know, the people who hate real estate agents so much they decided to do it themselves.

He would drive to a neighborhood and have a checklist with fifty boxes. For every rejection he got, he would check one off.Darren wasn’t running around without a plan. He knew a secret on his way to millions. He knew that the more you pursue failure, it is INEVITABLE that the pendulum will swing the other way into success. Within ONE year, he was the best agent in his highly competitive county in California. Failure is a crucial player to success.

Now, if you have ZERO fear of failing, what are you going after this year? Write this down!

Find Your Why

If I was to give you twenty bucks to walk across a rope on the ground, would you do it? How about if that same rope, for the same twenty bucks, was strapped across two towers 100 feet in the air? Any takers?

Okay, now, let’s say it’s the SAME buildings, the SAME twenty bucks… but on the other side of the rope, your children were in the building, and it’s on fire. Would you find a way across the rope? You need to find your why. Your why power is stronger than your what power.The only thing that changed is the why behind your actions.

So, why do you want to make a million dollars? What kind of impact do you want to make?

“Be the Exception”!

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