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Letting Go using The Work of Byron Katie


We believe a whole bunch of thoughts that are actually lies. Those thoughts are the cause of all of our misery and stress. They are lies because they cause us tension which tells us that on some level we know these things aren't true.
Lies about about our children, spouses, friends, co-workers, bosses, strangers, the world, life and so on. These lies we tell ourselves create disconnection not only within our relationships but whithin ourselves as well.

It's the method we will use to question these thoughts. Asking ourselves if they're true in a strutcured medidative way helps us realize from the inside out what is true for us.

An inquiry Circle is a great experience because you hear your thoughts from others which shows you that you're not alone. We support each other in loosening painful stories. And it's fun!

The process of inquiry is simple and direct. For me, it has been and continues to be my lifeline to peaceful and less combative life.

Tuesday nights: 6:30-8:30
Professional Business Connection Centre, Spruce Grove
(accross from Safeway - the building with the green stripe)
Investment: $25 for drop in or $60 for 4 sessions

To register and RSVP:
780-868-4499 (call or text)