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Thank you to Mayor Stuart Houston of Spruce Grove for presenting France, owner and founder of ProBiz Centre, with an award celebrating her contribution to local business here in Spruce Grove! Woo hoo!

About Us

At ProBiz Centre, we are a Collaborative Community of Inspired Entrepreneurs engaged in achieving our dreams.

Missing the camaraderie of compatible business colleagues? Looking for that valuable inspiration and information to help your business really grow? Need a professional place for that crucial client meeting?

Welcome to your office away from home!

The ProBiz Centre is an inviting and empowering epicenter for entrepreneurial success, featuring private/semi-private working spaces, meeting boardrooms, & larger event venues perfect for workshops and training sessions.

Membership here is the ideal choice for any startup or small business owner looking for coworking space, discounts on office rentals and event venues, plus the motivational education provided by our weekly lineup of informative sessions.

At probiz centre, When you’re not working, you can be networking!

We are YOUR Place for Success!

About our Founder, France

Being in business for yourself no longer means by yourself, thanks to the innovative mentorship offered by visionary France Lavoie-Deeprose through her two thriving enterprises providing entrepreneurs with encouragement, education, and empowerment.

Domestic Goddess Housekeeping Experts grew quickly to encompass both residential and business clients, and, ultimately, a training center fulfilling France’s dream to uplevel the cleaning industry by facilitating professional housekeeping certification programs.

Passionate about creating a supportive forum for sharing experience and expertise benefitting local solopreneurs, France subsequently opened her co-work and event space, The ProBiz Centre - Your Place for Success.

Two businesses, one amazing woman. France Lavoie-Deeprose truly comes from the heart!


Recent Reviews

I hope you are having an amazing morning and wanted to share with you the warmth, connection, & peace that both Deb and I felt in regards to our connection that we experienced and you have created in your facility.

I actually feel I demean your establishment by calling it a facility. I want to refer to it as a “shrine”. Also the HONOR we had in connecting and meeting with “France”.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It is VERY evident that the facility you have created is an extension of the individual we met yesterday. I am sure it is the tip of the iceberg. Both exhibit a passion, and “reason” for being.

I have to say that of all the offices I have been in and facilities I have utilized, never before have I “experienced” the “flow” or the chi as when I was introduced to your creation. Thank you SO MUCH.
— Brad Foreman

Karla Weiss - Radically Transformed Coaching

I held my first workshop in the space upstairs and it was beyond perfect. Not only was everything set up exactly as we had discussed but so many thoughtful extras were added. It was icing on the cake! Finally a workshop space in the area that is reasonably priced, has comfortable chairs and has a professional touch. Looking forward to many more events being held in this lovely space. Thank you to all the staff for all you did to make this an outstanding experience.
— Jennilee Barazzuol
I’ve been here many times, and everyone is always helpful and professional!
— Naomi Hales

Loralee Johnson - Re/Max Realty Agent

Justin Harwood - Volo.Works

Got to tour the centre today and loved the atmosphere, very clean and bright open spaces! A welcoming space for anybody!
— Tamara Auriat

Marie Lizotte - That Decor

Kat Halushka - Million Dollar Sisterhood

Ken Lucyk - Deal Locally & Alberta Mobile Marketing

The Professional Business Connection Centre in Spruce Grove is a beautiful facility. It offers all the comfort and ambience you would expect from a gorgeous place like this, and ever so much more! Friendly & quiet atmosphere guaranteed!
— Chris Penn

Sherrill Thompson - Specialized Spaces

Douglas Robertson - Real Estate Investment Advisor

The space is so well laid out and tastefully renovated. I’m really excited to attend the events that will be happening soon!!!
— Krystal Smith

Zandra Bell - Wordsmith & Motivational Humorist

Colleen Fischer with Sacred Attunements

I was pretty excited about being the winner of the Salt Lamp from The Professional Business Connection Centre. When I went to pick it up today, we were given a tour and treated so kindly by France and Cassandra. I love the Centre and am looking forward to learning more about the events that will be held there.
Thanks so much. The lamp is lovely!
— Jeannette Thompson

Jori Warren with Joriginals